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Poker Games To Be Allowed In UK Pubs

Pub games will soon be featuring poker (and with money wagering that is) following a relaxing of laws by the British Labour party.

English and Welsh clubs will be allowed to hold poker games for limited stakes beginning September next year.

At present, only pubs that hold a special license granted by their local councils are permitted to hold poker games.

The decision from the government came after the unprecedented surge in popularity for the game of poker, following extensive media coverage and human interest stories.

In fact, research shows that poker is one of the fastest growing forms of gambling in the UK.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport, amid criticism, denied that the relaxation of gambling rules is an introduction for a “gambling bonanza”.

“The change reflects the fact that individuals want to be able to play different games in pubs than those that were popular 40 years ago.

“The Government does not believe that permitting people to play poker for very small stakes – we are talking about a few pounds per head – poses a risk to any of the three objectives of the Gambling Act: protecting the vulnerable, keeping out crime and keeping games fair,” said a spokesman for the culture department.

“On the contrary we believe that banning it would risk driving it underground, making it difficult to enforce controls and increasing the risk of exploitation.”

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