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Everything about the Ins and Outs of Poker Hands

One of the common reasons why some players never get to win at poker is because of their false beliefs about the odds of their hands. Some players believe that the best poker hand – the royal flush – appears on a regular basis. It doesn’t.

Our article on poker hands shall now reveal to players the odds of having certain types of poker hands to help them develop more realistic strategies.

Having pocket bullets are rare. It’s undeniable that having them can give players unbeatable poker hands but the fact is, they’re rare!

Players who wish to have pocket aces as part of their poker hands, for example, would have to contend with its 220:1 chances of appearing.

Poker hands with any pair as hole cards have 16:1 chances of appearing. So yes, compared to pocket aces, you can always be optimistic about getting a pair as part of your poker hands.

Poker hands with a suited ace and king on the other hand have 331:1 chances of appearing. So don’t hold your breath waiting for these poker hands to appear regularly!

Poker hands with an off suited ace and king have better chances of occurring – or is 110:1 not good enough for you?

Now, let’s say you’re hoping that your poker hands would be composed of any two suited cards that are also connected. The chances for that happening are 26:1. So yes, the chances are relatively good that you can have poker hands of this ilk.

Let’s say you’re holding two unpaired cards and you’re hoping for any poker hands that could give you a pair when the flop is revealed. There’s a 32% chance of that happening.

How about you’ve got a pair of cards to form your poker hands and you’re wishing you could flop a four of a kind? Do you know what are the chances of having poker hands of that type?! 2%!

What to Do with Your Poker Hands When players receive poker hands that are not to their liking, it’s not a good thing to consider folding right away. Unless the stakes are too high or the chip stack is too low, players should at least wait for the flop before considering giving up on their poker hands.

The key to having good poker hands is patience – remember that always!

Secondly, don’t try to play too many poker hands because this is another sure way of losing the game. Concentrate on one or two strategies – that’s it!

We hope you enjoyed our article on poker hands and we wish you luck the next time you play!

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