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A Few Quick Bluffing Tips

Bluffing means that when you are dealt a bad hand, you raise the pot in the hopes that everyone else will fold because they believe that you have a good hand. Teaming this up with the proper body language can help you pull off a successful bluff off-line, and your timing when playing online poker can send signals to other players.
Bluffing on-line poses a bit more of a challenge, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. While other players can’t see facial expressions or other ‘tells’, your timing and the bets themselves are the indicators other players will use to determine your hand.

For example – online a re-raise after a slow round may be taken as an indication of a strong hand, or using the ‘raise in turn’ buttons will place fast bets that may again indicate to other players your hand is strong. On the flip side, pausing before calling a bet can be an indication that your hand may be weak, which can be used as an opportunity to check-raise for example.

Although it may be tempting to always bluff when you have a bad hand, there are situations where it is just best to fold. Bluffing doesn’t always mean that everyone is going to fold for you. There could be someone who can afford to raise your bluff. If this happens, you should not always choose to fold because this will make it predictable to know when you are bluffing. The best way to decide when to bluff is according to how many people you are up against and what you can afford.

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