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The Real Risk in Gambling and in Life

It’s a given. Casinos are places where we take risks. Everything that happens in casinos is the result of the risks taken by the gamblers, the dealers, and the house itself.

The moment one decides to visit a casino is the moment a risk starts. But risks also start and progress through the day, daily, with or without gambling, and a casino is just one more place to express risks in certain gambling terms. Life is a big risk, and casinos are just a microcosm of this reality. Thus, risks in
casino gambling are merely an extension or offshoot of what actually takes place in the bigger scenario of life out there.

Actually, the real risk in gambling is not to take any risk at all. In fact, the most dangerous and crazy thing to do in gambling (or in life) is not to take any risk and still engage in it. Just imagine stepping inside a casino to gamble and refrain from risking. Or imagine stepping out of the house and taking life’s challenges but refraining to risk either. All gambling involves an element of not knowing what would come out of a certain decisive action. And the decision is one that has no sure outcome and any certainty.

Risks, being decisive actions, must be done with determination and all-out commitment. A gambling player in poker will not settle for a hand dealt him by a casino dealer. The player thinks there are better cards available in the deck somewhere for him and will choose to draw. Why a gambling poker player would determine to have a 5 of a kind when the hand available is for a flush, or why spilt a ten in blackjack is the same reason why man refused to just stay in caves and gather foods and went out to invent the wheel and get to the other side of the world. Did he risk and bet? Well, the moment he grew tired of the cave and stepped out to wander was the same moment man wagered his life in the casino of life and took a risk gambling for a better world.

Had the gambling player simply settled with a high card or flush in poker and still bet—being content with what cards were dealt him—or had man been satisfied with a cave and food gathering existence, casinos would have been totally unnecessary, even casinos of life.

The risk, truly, is in a non-wager gambling.

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